Why I do what I do.

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Why I do what I do | Blog | Sanne Marcusse

“Can you share your WHY with me?” This question was asked to me last week and I saw this as an opportunity for myself to sit down a moment and write it down. 

Off course I know my WHY very clear, but thinking of it and writing it down made me realize again how such a powerful and strong feeling it is in my body. I really can feel my drive and passion. 

This is my WHY:

I’m so passionate about helping others to create the impossible for themselves, because through my own past and experience I know how powerful that is. Because IT IS POSSIBLE.

I get so energized and happy from helping people, and see them grow and fly. I call it fly because I know that it really can feel like flying.

When I see and hear their growth, my reaction is that I want to dance around the house and scream it out loud because it makes me feel even more alive!

The transformation I experienced myself -and still do- is what I wish for other people too. 

Because I feel free and that feeling is GOLD.

It gives so much space and freedom to ask yourself what you really want, to take care of yourself and create from that point.

Doing what you REALLY want.
Living the live you REALLY want.
Creating the business/job you REALLY want.
It’s all FREEDOM. 

I struggled a lot with stress, perfectionism, being burned-out, self-doubt and not taking good care of my body myself, and I know how hard that is. And I’m still growing in this myself, because there’s always a next level and I like to challenge myself in that and use my full potentional!

I changed my life, created a strong body and mind and I feel very powerful. It’s my mission to help other people to changes their lives too. Help them create their way to freedom, whatever that is for them.

Do you know someone who needs to read this? Or do you know someone who really should have a conversation with me? Feel free to share and reach out!

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