The power of silence.

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

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Silence is a very powerful tool.

Especially in this non-stop world with all the noise out there. Literally. 

I’ll show you 3 ways of how silence can be very effective and powerful for you. 

1. Talk less, listen more. Being silent gives you the opportunity to read someone’s body language and see if it resonates with what they’re saying. You will learn to recognize things by observation. It’s a powerful skill to be able to ‘read’ people. It will benefit you in making real and deep connections and being really valuable for someone. 

People want to be seen, heard and understood (check my article about ‘being seen’). By being silent and listening, you create the space for the other person to feel seen and heard. 

2. Silence can feel very uncomfortable for a lot of people. I think silence is rare these days and because of that, it can feel weird and unusual. 

What I learned from silence in a conversation, is that the most unexpected and valuable things will show up. Things deep down inside stay deep down inside, if the silence was filled up with noise.

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What most people do, is fill up the silence and start talking again too early because it feels uncomfortable. Don’t do that! Instead of that, keep the silence and bite your tongue if needed. 😉

3. When you ‘surround’ yourself with silence, you create space and freedom. Space and freedom to ‘just be’ and nothing else. By shutting yourself off from all the noise, there is no energy leak and there are no other things to be aware of instead of yourself. 

That gives you the opportunity to really feel and listen to what you need or what’s going on for you. Without distraction, a lot of things can come clear to mind. You don’t even have to focus on it, the only thing you have to do is ‘just be’… 

How awesome ‘sounds’ that. 😉 

Last but not least, remember this: 

When you are silent most of the time, what you say will mean so much more and will be of bigger impact.

When you talk less and listen more, you will be more powerful

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