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Evidence based transformation coach at Eefshealth

I knew that if I wanted to grow my business, I would have to grow personally and take uncomfortable steps. I was constantly held back by certain fears and uncertainties. Because of this, I couldn’t be the person I really wanted to be: a powerful entrepreneur with a mission.

By asking the right questions, giving good feedback and holding up a mirror, I was able to see things that I didn’t see before. Sanne really gets to the core. Sometimes this was confrontational and I came across myself quite hard, but looking back I was always grateful to Sanne for this. When things get difficult and uncomfortable… that’s where your growth lies. 

I was able to keep taking steps within my business, I now know better what I want and I can also listen to it.

As a coach, Sanne is powerful, honest and sincere, open and without judgment. I experienced the conversations with her as extremely valuable. Without Sanne I would never have been where I am now and I dare to say now: “a woman on a mission is unstoppable!”

Jantien Tap

Event Producer at Jantien Tap

Not only the people around me noticed that I was experiencing growth, but also myself. Because, why should I stop myself from doing the things I love the most? I am now the happiest version of myself that I have ever been. I enjoy sports, I look the way I want, I know what I do and especially: I am happy with what I do. I am happy in this new world, where there is so much more to discover. I would never have succeeded without Sanne.

Sanne, I am so grateful to you. Thank you for the trip to my “new” world. Your patience and your peace, but also your cheerfulness and optimism have brought me here. 

I would introduce you to others as a powerful woman. As a coach you are accommodating but clear. Sometimes the confrontation is hard, but it’s not that hard with you next to me. I didn’t have the feeling that I was on my own for the entire process, I had you with the right mindset next to me.

It has stuck with me how understood I always felt with you. We always ended the conversation with a big smile, even if we sometimes found out that not everything was fun.

Kees Filius

Founder of SON agency

The conversations with Sanne are full of revelations, answers and inspiration. One of the biggest insights is realizing that I have to go for what really makes me happy, gives me energy and that you can trust on your intuition. And that good listening to yourself is often the best thing you can do.  Sanne is very open, honest and she feels your needs. With the right questions, Sanne comes to the core. Things which seem very logical afterwards are most of the time not seen up front. With the right questions you discover the answers to the (big) questions that you are dealing with. But yes, the someone has to ask those questions – and for that you are at the right place with Sanne! 

Allysia Machielsen

Digital Creator at Allysia.nl

Sanne’s calmness and self-confidence gives you a safe space to play full out. She challenges you, which leads to insights and the uncovering of blind spots. Without pushing or saying it for you, Sanne knows how to go deep. She knows how to focus on you like no other; open and without judgment. This results in you taking the right steps with confidence in yourself. Valuable, empathetic and honest.

Rianne Temmermans - van Soest

Photographer & Creative Strategist at Favori

I knew I could get more out of my business and myself than I first did. Sanne challenges me to lean into the edge of my comfort zone, to keep on growing as a person and in my business. She gives practical tools and asks the right questions which lead to new insights and help me further. I am challenged and have taken steps within my business that I was procrastinating for months. I highly recommend working with Sanne!

Margoo Timmermans

Movement expert & Nutrition coach

During the first session we created goals for my personal life and business. I defined the goals myself, Sanne has only asked me good and clear questions to guide me. This was very enlightening. What I love about the coaching sessions is the openness and the focused questions Sanne asks. She coaches without judgement and goes deep. That was not always easy for me, but it made my growth happen. Now I have more peace and less stress, while my agenda is fuller than before. I have learned a lot, personal and in business!

Suzanne Bruggeman

Personal trainer | Mindset coach | Gym fear expert at S.B.T.

I was stuck in my own thinking patterns and insecurity. Thanks to the conversations with Sanne, I learned that I could break this through. Sanne does not tell you what to do, but holds up a mirror for you and asks the right questions. That makes you able to see possibilities that you did not see before. In addition, it is (and remains) a challenge to step out of my comfort zone and Sanne has helped me enormously in this. I have become much more myself and I also listen to myself better. You have never finished learning and I continue to develop myself in the field of mindset, both on a personal level and in business. Sanne has shown me that the sky is NOT the limit. It’s just the start.

Marieke van Gelder

Business Manager

I was procrastinating a long time to get in a conversation with Sanne, but looking back this was the best decision ever. I was so stuck in my mindset and certain patterns. As much as I wanted, it felt like it was never the right time to change or break through my patterns. I was very glad with Sanne as a coach. She gave me insights and also shared things from her own experiences, which helped me to move forward. Her passion, both personally and in her coaching, is a huge inspiration. She is really there for you!

Mariliza Pauwels


Through the conversations and guidance from Sanne, I discovered my pitfalls and got the tools to make clear agreements with myself. I have learned how valuable it is to stay close to myself, to make conscious choices and to guard my own boundaries. What I also learned is that you only have control over your own actions and that I can find my happiness and peace in them. Sanne asks critical questions, makes you think about what you really want and makes you very aware of your own actions. Thank you Sanne for all the insights and support you have given! 

Naomi Sonneveld

Deputy Resilience Officer & Advisor

Ik begon mijn traject met een zoektocht naar meer balans tussen mijn persoonlijke doelen, werkdoelen en sportambities. Ik had moeite met de juiste balans vinden die me rust in mijn hoofd gaf. Sanne heeft mij de juiste vragen gesteld en echt een spiegel voorgehouden. Daardoor kon ik heel goed tot de kern komen van mijn onderliggende overtuigingen en problemen, die ervoor zorgden dat ik vast zat en eigenlijk niet verder kon met het bereiken van mijn doelen. Sanne heeft mij ontzettend goed geholpen en uiteindelijk ben ik ook onwijs trots op wat ik bereikt heb. Ik weet nu hoe ik mijn doelen kan bereiken. Wat je ook wilt bereiken, het is mogelijk!

Deanna Bessler

I originally reached out to Sanne because I needed help zeroing in on a business idea and some advice steering my branding and marketing. Through only a couple conversations Sanne was able to help me refine a business idea. But larger than that she helped me define my passions and purpose in life. She not only helped me with my business, but also gave me direction for my life moving forward. The biggest insight she gave me was asking me to answer, “what lights you up?”  

Alisa Majarrez

Vision Producer | Coach |Marketer at Alisa.coach

Sanne’s passion for helping women dream big is expressed in such a thoughtful, welcoming manner. When she asks me questions, they’re so simple, but they guide me exactly where I need to go. She makes me feel like the world is my oyster while pushing me to think further than I would on my own. 

Adrian Karreman

I experienced the conversations with Sanne as very good and enlightening. She listens very well and gives well-considered answers. Sanne has shown me the reality. She is energetic, wants to see people grow and is willing to go far for her clients. Purposeful to create an amazing result together!

Julia Biesen

Sanne shows you to look at yourself, your ideas or your future perspectives in a different way. That makes you think, and it gives room for new ideas or other thoughts. I personally tend to postpone things, often because of the fear of failure. After my conversations with Sanne, I made certain considerations for myself which resulted in the daring of make important choices. Sanne is an ambitious woman who knows what she wants. She always has many ideas, gives honest feedback and sees your strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to grow as a person, but also in what you want to do and what you want to achieve. 

Shannon Emery

Psychosynthesis Guide & Polarity Therapist at Tree of Life Awakening

I had the pleasure of being invited to have a conversation with Sanne about organization of time in my growing business. She allowed space for me to explore what has been holding me back; guiding me, as we delved into the notion of getting back to basics, keeping things simple, and deciding the woman I want to be. After that conversation I focused more on connecting deeper with my clients and nurturing them more than I had been. Also, I’ve been listening more to my inner wisdom and following the energy of what fills me up and what drains me. I am so grateful to have had that experience with Sanne!

Scarlett Burgers

Administratieve Office Assistent

To start with: Sanne is a power woman! Through all the conversations with Sanne you start looking at other things, that you would never otherwise think of yourself. By talking and giving answers, you realize that things can also be done differently. Working with this power woman has made me realize that everything revolves around what you stand for and want to achieve in life. By looking back more often on how you approached things and how you can improve next time, but also looking back and realize what you have already achieved! I recommend and wish everyone to work with her. You genuinely become a better person and you’ll understand yourself better.

Amy van Schaik

Interior Designer at Amy Creates Design

Sanne knows when to hold up a mirror and to be straightforward. I was tended to adapt to others and thereby do things that didn’t suit me. Now I have become more confident and able to stay true to my own feelings.  Everything is a choice. I have read that before, and Sanne told me several times, but now I can finally see that that it is really true. Sanne is positive and thinks in possibilities. I see her as a very nice person who sympathizes and thinks along, but she also monitors her own boundaries and stays true to herself. Someone that will undoubtedly help you move forward and you can share your story with. 

Johanna Eindhoven

Owner Yoann​

Sanne knows exactly what to call out that I am trying to hide or postpone. Exactly the things I need in order to grow or move forward. Thanks to Sanne I suddenly made those steps and I just started doing it. Out of the comfort zone, and into the big world! It’s super exciting and I am so grateful that I did this thanks to Sanne. And I will do so much more.

Yvonne van Haastregt

Orthomolecular Therapist & Dietitian at Fitfoodhealth

The coaching has brought me a lot. For a long time I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to go and what really made me happy as a person. As a result, I often had issues on a personal level. The sessions gave me a lot of clarity and I discovered that certain patterns often came back. Through awareness, beautiful insights and the right tools, I started taking action and came closer to myself. In addition, I have added more structure to my planning, which makes me feel better as an entrepreneur and get more done. Thank you, Sanne. You’re awesome!

Anne-Marie Lorier

Personal training, Nutrition & Coaching at Fithealthiek

Sanne has let me realize where I really stand for. She is straightforward and holds up a mirror to you that sometimes can be quite confronting, but is exactly what you need. She can lead you very well and let you look at yourself and the situation in a different way. I have become more confident and powerful, and my business has grown enormously. By the space we have created and by increasing my prices, I can do what I really want and deliver the quality that I stand for. Sanne shows you that you can do more than you think, that you can dream bigger and that everything is possible. Without her I would not have been where I am now. Helping people and showing them their strengths, is your power and I really appreciate that. You are an interesting woman and you know what you are talking about. You’re one of a kind, thank you!

Maria Filius

Personal Stylist at MF Personal Styling

I often have hundreds of ideas, but most of the time I label half of them with “not possible” because I think I can’t do that (yet). I want to do everything perfectly and I can be insecure about certain steps, so I postpone things. Sanne holds up a confronting mirror to me, which helps me gain insight into where I’m holding myself back. Sanne is warm, professional and direct, but not blunt. She is “straight to the point”, full of ideas, can listen extremely well and give you exactly what you need. I have become much more confident in my business and I am taking steps that seemed impossible six months ago. What always stays with me is Sanne’s honesty and clarity.