Start. Keep going. Look back. Be proud

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Start. Keep going. Look back. Be proud | Blog | Sanne Marcusse

I always say to people: start somewhere and keep going. Well, let me tell you a story and show you why I keep saying that. 

Almost two years ago I went to the US for the first time. I joined a 4-day transformational event in LA and that was the beginning of a lot of amazing things. It was the first step for going international with my business, while I wasn’t even aware of that back then when I made the decision to join that event. 

I remember how edgy it felt to join an event with over 150 English speaking people while my first language is Dutch. I’ve had English class in school but I almost never spoke English.

During that event I lay the foundation for everything I’m doing right now. I started building an international network, I challenged myself to speak more and more English and offer coaching sessions in English. Coaching in English felt very scary, but I did it. 

Because I started doing all this, I became better and better in it. I grew in lots of different ways and kept challenging myself over and over again. 

Yes, I made mistakes. Yes, it was really hard sometimes. Yes, I had a lot of doubts, but I kept going. 

Right now, all of my content is in English. There are days that I speak more English than Dutch. A lot of the times when I try to explain something I can not come up with the Dutch words because I can only think of the English words. 

I can express myself better in English than in Dutch. That’s also a big part of why I do everything in English right now. I even THINK in English, which is really weird sometimes. 

Nine months ago, I didn’t feel comfortable recording voice messages in English. Now, I record A LOT of voice messages in English. My husband laughs his ass off when he hears me doing that. He recently said: “You rattle just as much and quickly in English as in Dutch.” LOL.

So basically, I almost do everything in English. That’s something I never could have imagined two years ago. 

And that’s not all of it. 

Because I’ve grown my international network, I also created new opportunities for myself and my business. I met a lot of amazing people and there are still a lot of people coming into my world. I have a weekly mastermind with really awesome people from the US. My coach is from the US and I have friends all over the world now. 

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All of this happened because I started somewhere and kept going. I stretched myself and kept challenging myself in thinking bigger and bigger. A few years ago an international coaching business wasn’t part of my big vision. Now it is and it’s reality. 

To make it even more spectacular… I’ve created myself and my business so far that I felt ready to build a team around me. So I just said YES to a proposal, which means that I’m going to work with my friend and her amazing company The Happy Cactus from LA! 

Seriously, how cool is that?! 

I love it so much. 

And this is the moment where I decided to take a look back and see where I come from. Two years ago I stepped on a plane to LA, not knowing what was coming. But I kept going and now see where I am today. 

Yes, I am proud of myself and the steps I’ve taken. Let’s take all of this to the next level. Because I will keep going. 😉 

When you ever don’t feel capable of something or think what you want is impossible… Think again. 

You are capable and it is possible. You just have to start somewhere and keep going. 

After a while, you look back and see how far you’ve come already. When you keep going, you’ll always grow and move forward. 

If you feel you don’t know where to start or feel stuck in where you are right now, let’s talk. 

I’d love to have a conversation with you!

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