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Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Space as a priority | Blog | Sanne Marcusse

These last weeks have been fully packed for me from 6.15 am until almost midnight. 

I had a lot of stuff going on (still have) and it’s all on me because my husband is working abroad. 

What struck me about this, is that I didn’t stress out. I don’t feel stressed at all. Which is a HUGE win for me, knowing where I’m coming from. 

I used to experience a lot of stress and having that feeling of always being in a hurry.

– That’s freaking exhausting by the way. – 

Well, that’s completely gone. I’m the calmness itself. 

Off course this change didn’t happen overnight. I’m in this process of releasing stress and creating freedom for a long time now, but I suddenly noticed how much I’ve changed. 

Besides the changes inside of me and how I deal with certain feelings, thoughts and emotions, I was thinking of how I rearranged my life so that it works for me. Because it really works! 

My days are fully packed, I’m tired (some days really exhausted), but still full of energy and enjoying everything I do! I mean, my body is tired at the end of the day but my mind is still clear, energized and full of ideas. Being physically tired is nothing compared to feeling mentally drained. That’s killing. I know that one too. Very well.

Why it works is because I created a lot of space in my days and know my priorities and boundaries. I make sure that I can go to the gym, I make sure that I have time for my creation moments, I make sure that I have time to cook and bring the kids to bed, I make sure that I can do my calls when it works for me. 

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So even when everything is back to back, I always make sure there’s space. Space to be in the moment without needing to rush anything. Living in the moment and being present in the moment is what helps to just be and do what needs to be done. 

I don’t worry about tomorrow or the day after that. I make sure it’s all taken care of and I just need to show up and do the work. Without stress and rushing. 

And besides all of this, I make sure there’s time to recharge and pamper myself outside of those full weeks. Space to do nothing, Netflix or get a massage and facial. I treat myself and take my moments so I can be fully present and game on when I need to be. 

Taking care of yourself is really important. If you don’t take care of yourself, everything will collapse. Including you. 

To really thrive in everything you do, you need to build and create from space and your priorities. When you do that and take that REALLY seriously, you’re set up for success. 

Let me know how this is for you. 

How are your days and weeks? Are you set up for success? 

If not, let’s have a conversation. 

Ps. I never say I have busy weeks. My days are full with a lot of things back to back, but I don’t feel busy. I’m living my life and I love it.

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