Scarcity vs. Abundance

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Scarcity vs. Abundance | Blog | Sanne Marcusse

I have a lot conversations around scarcity lately. It’s interesting that when a topic shows up somewhere, suddenly it’s everywhere. Or am I the only one in this? 😉 haha.

I remember the first time thinking of hiring a coach. I knew and felt that coaching would help me move forward and help me grow. But I had never ever invested that certain amount of money in myself. And besides that, I didn’t have the money either.

It was very likely to come from a place of scarcity and thinking that I couldn’t invest because I didn’t have the money and it would be a big risk because there was no guarantee that I was going to earn that money back.

Instead of coming from scarcity I came and acted from a place of abundance. I knew that investing in myself would help me grow into the person I needed to be to create even more money than I wanted to invest. I knew that not investing in myself would keep me small and create less. So, I found ways to create the money to invest in coaching and I was full in. I believed that there was abundance and that’s how I became resourceful and made everything possible. Abundance gives you the space to think in possibilities and be creative.

Maybe it depends on the situation, but a lot of people are coming from and thinking in scarcity mode. It’s very likely to think in scarcity instead of abundance, because it’s safe.

Our brain wants to keep us safe, so it makes us to believe and act that there is not enough or there will be a time where there is not enough. This can be about money, projects, ideas, food etc. 

For example: You had a couple of great months in your business. You are growing and making more money, but there is that fear that you will not be able to make those great months happen again and again. There is that fear that you will not have enough clients or that the clients you have now were just a lucky shot. 

That fear doesn’t serve you at all. It can lead to doubting yourself and your ability as an entrepreneur, which is based on nothing but fear. Which also leads to the fact that you are going to take action from a place of fear and scarcity. 

Our actions are driven by our thoughts. So if you are thinking in scarcity, you are going to act from scarcity. You are going to act from a cramp. 

On one side you put a lot of pressure on yourself, because you HAVE TO do something otherwise there will be not enough. On the other side you try to keep everything with you. You lock the doors, because what if there will be not enough (money) … 

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This keeps you small. It doesn’t serve you at all. It’s not going to work for you if you want to grow and keep on growing. 

If you are coming from a place of abundance, you create space and literally room to play.

Growing in life and business goes hand in hand with investing in yourself. But if you think in scarcity mode, investing doesn’t sound like a great idea. There is fear, doubts and thoughts around not having enough money.

Thinking in abundance mode will help you to see a bigger picture. It will help you to find ways to make things happen and to create everything you need. Be convinced that you are able to make it happen, even if there is no proof yet. Lean into that and have trust in that proces. And I know that this can be very hard, but it will help you way more than being stuck in a circle. 

Tell yourself over and over again that there will be enough and that you are capable to make sure it will. 

“But Sanne, what if there is really scarcity?!” 

Well, let me tell you this, my friend: the fact that there is scarcity doesn’t mean you have to come from a place of scarcity. Because that doesn’t help you to create abundance! It’s not like YOLO and see what happens. But you do can think and create from a place of abundance, even if there is scarcity. 

And again. It’s not always easy, it can be very hard. But feel uncomfortable and do it anyway. Watch yourself grow. 

Scarcity has a stifling effect, abundance creates freedom. 

So, tell me! Where are you coming from? Scarcity or abundance? 

In which part of your life and business are you still coming from scarcity? 

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