Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

I don’t like setting goals. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing bad about it and it can be very effective, but only if you do it your way. Because like everything else in life; what works for other people doesn’t have to work for you. 

If you know me, you would know that I love to think big and have big dreams.

Not only having big dreams but also make them reality. I like to make dreams come true. Do I need to set goals to achieve my dreams? Not necessarily. It can be very useful and effective, but it also depends on how your perspective is on goal setting. 

The last couple of years I worked a lot with different goals for my business and ways to make them happen. I set goals, targets, deadlines, you name it. It was good, sometimes it worked and sometimes not. But in the end it didn’t make me happy and satisfied

Stress played a big factor in my life for years and I know now that I need freedom. Freedom as in room to play, space for my creativity and no pressure. Hard goals and targets are a trigger for me to fall back in my old patterns around stress, which has negative effects on my body as well on my mind. 

I know I can commit to a goal and everything that comes with it, and I know I can achieve massive things when I have deadlines. I am the kind of person who does whatever it takes to make it happen. But the person who I am when I’m doing that, is not listening to her body and she goes way beyond her boundaries. I don’t want to be that person, because I know now that there are other ways to achieve things without setting hard goals.

I learned to be nicer to myself and that has worked out very well! As well in who I am and how I feel, as in my business. 

You can achieve amazing things without pressure and hard goals. I like it fun and with a lot of room to play. Sounds great, right?!

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That being said; let me tell you how I play nowadays. Instead of setting goals, I’m setting intentions.

– I do have like a financial goal, but that’s a goal I set with my vision as a ‘place to come from’ and not a ‘go to’. There’s no pressure around that, but my actions are in line with it. I will write another article about that later. 😉 First things first. –

The intentions I set are in line with my big vision and what I want to create. It’s quite funny because my intentions for this year partly come from a ‘word search game’ on Facebook. 

The words that came out for me were: connection, change and breakthrough. Those words resonated perfectly with what was on my mind and the process of where I’m in right now. 

So, I decided that 2020 for me is going to be all about connection. And fun! It’s very freeing actually to have such a ‘simple’ intention. I know it’s the right one and I can not wait to see what will come from it! I’m excited and full in! 

Do you set goals for yourself? Or are you interested in learning more about setting intentions and how that would look like for you? 

Let me know! I’m open for connection. 😉

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