Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

I think that a lot of people put a lot of pressure on themselves. Most of the time it will be unconscious, but our thoughts are an ongoing thing. In our minds it’s very common that the words ‘I have to…’ and ‘I should…’ is a recurring thing. Because in this world, there is so much we ‘have to do’. 

We’re are taught to hear and use those words over and over again, and also listen to it. Which results in that our minds believe it’s true and that’s how it should be. But I don’t think so. 😉 

The pressure we put on ourselves is often not necessary. There are lot of things less urgent or important than we think. 

I recently had a conversation with a client about that. She told me that she felt stressed about receiving messages from clients, especially in the evenings. She felt responsible for them and put the pressure on herself by thinking she had torespond immediately or the first thing in the morning. Nobody said she had to do that, there were no rules and no expectations to answer directly, only in her own mind. 

We took a dive down into her thoughts around this and it really came down to one simple thing. When she let go of her own pressure and gave herself the space to answer messages in a peaceful and planned moment, the stress was gone. It were her own thoughts about expectations and ‘have to’ that made her felt stressed and overwhelmed. But in the end she realized it was only her own mind what made her feel like that. 

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We make up a lot of stories in our head around all the things we ‘have to do’. Most of the time it’s all relative, not (completely) true and about having things clear for yourself and those around you. 

Take off the pressure and become clear about your priorities and what’s really important. Putting unnecessary pressure on yourself is all stress and negative energy, which is not helping you at all. Be kind for yourself. 

I dare you to make a list of everything you HAVE TO do from yourself. Make a list and write everything down what comes to your mind during a whole week. You’ll be surprised. 

And then… Take action and practice to let go of the things you don’t really ‘have to’. Give yourself that space and feel the freedom it will bring.

To practice, I have something that will help you in this.

Ask yourself: Is it really true what I’m thinking?

If no, then STOP IT.

If yes, ask yourself this question: do I have to do it now? Or can it wait?

Can it wait? Plan ahead. Does it have to happen now? Create space and do it.

Let me know if this was helpful! You can do it. 😉

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