Only do what feels good.

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Only do what feels good |Blog | Sanne Marcusse

When you’ve been following my content for a while, you know that I build my life and my business how I want it to be. On my terms. 

I don’t only do this for myself, but I help others do the same. 

It’s exciting and liberating to create everything how you want it to be. Some might think that’s crazy or impossible, but it’s not. 

I say build for a reason, because I believe there’s always a next level and more to discover. 

When you grow, your life and business grows with you.

What you want might change in this process, which means you can always continue to create and develop yourself, your life and your business. 

A few weeks ago I was challenged by a good friend. He challenged me to fully lean into only do what feels good. For me, this was a challenge because my weak spot is to fall back into ‘I should’ mode. I’m a master in putting pressure on myself and telling myself what I should do. 

So I do create the life I want, but I’m also human. I sabotage myself like everyone else does in some kind of way. That’s why I love to work with a coach so much, to get called out on my bullshit. 

The challenge to ‘only do what feels good’ has taken my life and business to a next level these few weeks. At first it was really hard for me to lean in. I had conflicts with myself about what to do because I had certain expectations from myself and just ‘normal life stuff’ what brought up conflicts. 

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When you really commit to only do what feels good, you’ll notice how many ‘I actually should do this’ thoughts will come up… 

By leaning into this challenge more and more, I was able to fully let go of the ‘I should’. I was able to surrender and it felt soooooo good! Because of the conflicts that came up, I became aware of the things I normally do because I think I should do them. It forced me to think about what I really want AND what feels good. 

What I noticed by fully surrendering, is that I came closer to myself even more. I took off the pressure that I still was putting on myself in the littlest things. 

This challenge gave me the opportunity to take even better care of myself and give myself more grace. I’m calm and grounded. And that’s exactly the reason why this has taken my life and business to a next level. Everything starts with taking care of yourself. 

When you feel good, you have more energy. When you feel good, you can create more. When you feel good, you can think clear. When you feel good, you can thrive. 

Only do what feels good wasn’t just a challenge for a few weeks. I’m all in to continue this. 

Can you imagine living your life by only doing what feels good? 

Do you think that’s possible? And why? 

Love to hear your thoughts! 

And when you’re ready to create your life and business on YOUR terms, leave me a message.

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