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Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Now is all you have | Blog | Sanne Marcusse

You can freak out and feel stressed about the past or the future, but the reality is that both don’t exist. The past is already gone and the future isn’t here yet. 

You can not go back to the past to change things. 

You can not step into the future to already deal with the things you think are going to happen. 

Now is all you have. 

That’s where your true power lies. 

Because whatever happened or might be happening, the only moment you can do, decide or say something is now. 

You can not always change circumstances, but it’s up to you how you deal with it. 

A client of mine had a very confusing conversation with her supervisor at work. The conversation was confusing and the message he tried to tell was confusing. 

The conversation couldn’t be changed anymore because it already happened. The message would be clear in about two weeks when her supervisor knew more about it. 

She didn’t have a good feeling about it and it made her feel kind of lost. She was stressed because she didn’t know where she stood. 

The decision that was in front of her was clear. She could just wait for 2 weeks and feel awful OR she could deal with what was present to create clarity for herself. 

I told her to write down how she felt about the way the conversation went and share that with her supervisor. How she felt wasn’t probably his intention (at all), but she needed to create clarity for herself around that and speak it out to him in order to let it go. 

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And I told her to let go of what might come in two weeks. She and her supervisor both didn’t have the answer about what would become clear about his message. The only thing they could do is to let it go and let it rest until the moment was there. 

You can have so many thoughts, so many doubts and so many (bad) stories about what might happen in the future… But the truth is that you only have NOW. 

Use your time wisely and don’t let it get sucked up because of the past or the future. It’s not worth the time and stress. 

Let go of the things you can not deal with right now and focus on what you CAN do right now. 

Take back the power and don’t let yourself get caught up and stressed because of your own thoughts. 

You decide how you deal with things.

You are in charge and the only moment you have is the present moment. 


What do YOU need to let go of right now?

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