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Sanne Marcusse

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During a group coaching session in High Level Unlimited, one of my clients shared that she felt really good and calm. She felt in the right balance for herself.

At the same time when she thought of the upcoming week, she felt a kind of imbalance coming up and a feeling of stress. I asked her why. 

It was because of deadlines. She knew what she needed to accomplish the next week and felt the pressure of that. 

We dove a little bit deeper into those deadlines and how that looked like for her, to get a full understanding of what’s going on for her in her world and perspective. 

Then I asked her; ‘What if you wouldn’t have deadlines at all?’ 

‘What if you could always create from space and calmness?’

Sounds great, right? 

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It’s exactly what we did. We talked about how she could create the space for herself to not have to experience the pressure of deadlines. How she could design her weeks and business into a way that serves that. 

When she implements this, she will barely have deadlines in her life. I mean, there can always be an exception from time to time but when that happens she will be able to handle that way better than she does now. 

Because then it will be an exceptional thing, not the normal standard

When you create from space and calmness for almost the whole time, you will be better in handling things on the go. It’s just how it is.

When you have deadlines and pressure, there’s no space to play or handle urgency. That will only give you more stress. 

Give yourself space to create.  

No stress, only freedom. 

That’s how we roll! 

Curious about how that can look like for you?

Let’s have a conversation!

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