Let’s go big.

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

let's go big | Sanne Marcusse

Do you want to play a bigger game? Are you hungry for more? Do you want to create from your heart and what you really want? Are you a hell yes to make big things happen?

Would you love to have conversations with people who really get you

I do. 

And if you are one of my people, you do too. 

Because I get you. 

I had a huge insight a couple of weeks ago after an inspiring conversation. It suddenly became crystal clear that I need to bring my people together. I’m speaking with so many inspiring people which all have such an amazing gift, power and vision. 

What a beautiful gift would it be to bring those people together from all over the world?! The impact and the value of that would be huge. 

And I’m not even speaking about the ripple effect what it would bring…

I mean, wow!? 

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This need of bringing my people together is a mission from my heart. It’s just not an option to not do this and to not make this happen. 

What I want to create for you is a space for growth, big dreams and trust. Trust to be able to let go and lean into whatever you’re facing or creating. 

A space for everyone to play full out and hold nothing back.

Lean into your edges… 

And last but not least, a space to connect with people who get you, challenge you, see your power even more than you see yourself. People who believe in you. No matter what. They’ve got your back. 

No dream is too big. No mission is impossible. No challenge is too weird (I like weird). 

Funny fact: someone gave me the challenge last year to be so weird that people would call me weirdo. Which actually meant; be fully you, weirdo.

I took the challenge, off course.

So, for this mission I already started curating an amazing group of people together who are a hell yes to be in the game. It will all start with a 3 month pilot, to get this ball rolling and to make my mission for you becoming a reality. Starting this March! 

This mission is big. It’s around coaching, connecting, creating live experiences over the world (yes, you read it right) and grow in whoever you want to be. 

How that exactly will look like? Well, find out! 

If you feel like this is for me;

Send me a DM and I will give you everything you need to know.

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