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Sanne Marcusse

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Everyone has his own way of doing things. What makes me on my best doesn’t have to make you on your best. It’s really powerful to know what helps you to be on a roll. 

We all have our own natural patterns which we can use as a tool. But to be able to use that as a tool, you have to be aware of them and recognize it. 

In this world a lot of people work with certain structures. Most of the time those structures are found out by the people who go very well on those structures, but that doesn’t mean it works for everyone the same way. I mean, there are so many ‘this is it’ books, advices and philosophies but the key is to find what works best for YOU. Nobody is the same. 

Although all those different things can be very helpful to figure out what works best for you, it’s still trial and error. 

What works for me doesn’t have to work for you, and the other way around. 

That’s where the ‘learn to trust yourself’ comes in. 

By learning more about my own patterns and what works really well for me, I know now how I need to do things. I’ve learned that by trusting myself and my process, and by letting go of how other people think I should do things. 

I create best from space and freedom, but at the same time I need good pressure and challenge otherwise I get bored. 

This means that when I don’t feel that kind of pressure, I create nothing. I get stuck in my head and just don’t come up with any good stuff. 

What I learned is that I ALWAYS COME UP WITH THE PERFECT THING, when I let go of all the expectations and (bad) pressure I put on myself. A lot of the time, those perfect things come at the last moment. Which requires me to trust myself and lean into that natural process. My natural pattern. 

For example; I just did a live experience with my High Level Unlimited group program. I knew the context and the intention months ago, but not how it was going to look like. 

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When the time passed by, ideas came up but it was still only the big outlines which came together (enough to get my event producer to get to work though, haha ;).

A few weeks ago I was feeling stuck because I still didn’t have it all figured out yet. I created the thought that I should have prepared it all perfectly by now and with that, I put bad pressure on myself.

So, I let that go and leant into trusting myself and my process of creating. 

What happened? A few days later all kinds of ideas came to mind and just everything fell into place. I sat down for one hour and it was done. Done! 

It has always been this way. I always come up with the perfect thing, but because it’s often so last minute it can feel very edgy. 

Where other people may have figured things out months before or work with a certain structure and planning, I only know the big outlines and come up with the perfect details when the time is there. 

Find out your way of creating. Find out your natural pattern of doing things and have trust in that. 

Even if it feels scary and edgy.

Even if a lot of people do it differently or tell you to do it differently. 

Trust in what works for you. 

You know you best. Be free to do things your way.

Start with getting aware and then use it as a tool. 

Thank yourself later. 😉

Want some help with figuring out what works best for you and how to trust yourself (more)?

Leave me a message and let’s talk. 

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