Leaning into what’s needed

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Leaning into what's needed | Blog | Sanne Marcusse

High-performers are most of the time switched-on. They are driven and ready for action. 

They think big, have lots of ideas and insights and they know that there is always more. 

It’s a big gift, but it can also be a big challenge. 

When something never ends and you don’t take enough rest and time to recharge, it’s exhausting. But resting while knowing you can do so much more, is challenging. 

I experience this myself and I know people around me who experience the exact same thing. 

The last weeks, or actually months, I have so many insights and ideas. One of them you can read here in my ‘Let’s go big!’ article. 

It are huge insights which I can not NOT do something with. It are like major shifts. 

There is a fire in me to make this all happen. NOW 😉 I’m excited and there is a lot of good stuff coming my way. It’s all coming alive! 

But what I realized when things slowed down a little bit, is that I was exhausted. I felt tired and without energy to do anything. First I was annoyed and frustrated by it because I wanted to move forward and not stop. But then I realized that I needed to take care of myself and take the rest my body was asking for. 

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Leaning into the fact that I needed rest was challenging. I wrote my thoughts to a dear friend and I love what she gave me back… 

It’s all incredible and amazing but it also takes energy. She reflected to me how much work I am doing to make everything happen, how I show up, the actions I take and which uncomfortable and bold moves I’m making. That I am creating so much, and that all of this I’m doing on top of caring for my family and myself. 

It’s not weird that I need rest. And I know that. That what she said as well. I know what I need, it’s just hard to lean into. 

Sometimes all the excitement and potential can be exhausting!

Taking rest and taking care of yourself can feel like you’re not moving forward. I know now, that it’s the opposite. Recharge will make way more happen than pushing through while being exhausted. And yes, I learned that the hard way more than once. 

Lean into what’s needed. It’s more than worth it! I took rest and time to recharge and it gave me back a lot… I’m in full force! 

I challenge you. Where do you need to lean into to be fully ready to make your next move? 

Feel uncomfortable with it, but do it. 

Lean into the discomfort.

Let me know how it worked out for you. 😉 

And if you struggle with it, let me know too! I’d love to help you.

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