Knowledge isn’t power. Applying knowledge is power.

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Knowledge isn't power. Applying knowledge is power. | Blog | Sanne Marcusse

We always tend to search for more knowledge and information. We always want to know more. It’s in our nature. 

But often that’s not what we really need in order to get moving and create results. Knowledge in itself does nothing. 

What we do need is to apply the things we already know and get started.

The funny thing is, is that we always know way more than we think we do! 

The only way to find that out is by actually doing it and taking action. 

So often I have had conversations that I come up with stuff which I wasn’t even aware of I had it in me. There are many times in my life and business that I really surprise myself of all the knowledge I have inside of me. And it’s not that weird, right? 

I mean, I read books, listen to podcasts, work with a lot of talented and inspiring people, watch videos, worked with coaches… All my life I have been collecting knowledge which I carry with me without even being aware of. Everything comes up in the moment when I need it or it resonates.

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You don’t need more knowledge.

You need to apply, implement, repeat end take consistent action in what you already know.

Have the trust that you have everything you need.

Have trust, go do it and build from there.

You will find out that you knew way more than you thought. Do it and build the skills into reality. 

You will even learn more by doing and you will also find out what exactly it is that you didn’t know yet or what skills you are missing. Then, you have something specific to dive into. 

Knowledge as an excuse.

Also, another thing about knowledge is that it’s often easy to say: ‘yeah, I already know that one’. But like I said: only knowing it doesn’t do anything. Knowledge can land on another (deeper) level at different times in your life. 

You can read the same book 3 times and still get new insights out of it. So, you can still learn from the knowledge you already have and apply it in different ways as well. 

Saying that you already know something is often an excuse. It’s comfortable. It’s holding you back from doing the real deal and create the results you want.

Read: “Yeah, I know this already so I don’t have to do it because knowing it didn’t change my situation. I’d rather keep being stuck at this point instead of taking action and get new insights of about what I already know.”

Stop looking for more information. You already have everything you need. Trust me. 

Instead of that. Look for insights. 

What about you? Are you going to take action or do another course again first? 😉 

Go make your vision come alive. Apply what you know and go do it. You’ll learn a lot. 

Need help? Let me know!

Ps. I don’t say: stop learning and improving. This message is about taking action and get moving instead of procrastinating because of your thoughts around your lack of information and knowledge. You can learn, grow and improve along the way. I write an other article about that soon. 😉

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