It reveals who you are.

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

It reveals who you are. | Blog | Sanne Marcusse

New or uncertain situations don’t change anything about who you are or how you lead. It reveals who you are and how you lead. 

When the world is upside down, or your world is upside down, you are still the same person. On the inside nothing changes, unless you do. 

It’s the perfect way to discover how you really show up in the world. In who you are, what your patterns are, which problems you experience and what impact that has.

The problems or struggles we discover in new or uncertain situations are often not new ones. It are recurring patterns. 

It’s likely to blame the situation for whatever is going on for you, but if you take a close and honest look, it’s actually you who is creating the problem. Or it’s you falling back in old patterns which don’t serve you (anymore). 

In this specific time, when a world pandemic is the reality, a lot of things will come to the surface in who we are. 

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A lot of people show up from a place of fear, panic or blame the pandemic for everything that’s happening for them, while others see and create lots of opportunities, feel stronger than ever and thrive. 

For myself, I felt and still feel steady and grounded. I haven’t felt fear or panic at all. 

I was calm and I still am. 

The change of everything around me and the change of routines did have an effect on me. For years I couldn’t handle any change without getting completely off the road, but I worked hard on that one. I can handle change pretty good these days, but when my whole world turned upside down, it was hard again for a few days.

It was nothing new, it was a recurring thing that came up. 

Because of who I am right now, I can reset myself real quick. Where I first felt overwhelmed in this new situation because of all the changing things, I could let that go pretty easy and stepped into the new possibilities it brought me. 

I feel empathy for all of those who are having a hard and tough time, but for me this time is actually really amazing. My calmness and power are serving me these days. I feel ‘on a roll’ in everything I am creating. I feel good and I’m growing even more into who I am and speaking my truth. The space I’ve created right now, gives me the room to grow and challenge myself in ways I want to be challenged. 

I can experience all this because of all the work I’ve done to become the person who I am today. It’s nothing new, it’s what’s already there before this pandemic. 

This pandemic revealed even more who I am and how I lead. 

What about you?

What are the things you notice about yourself when your world changes?

Who are you when it comes down to it? 

Are you the leader you want to be?

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