I was bored.

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

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Knowing this now, is definitely a game changer. It’s one of my biggest insights from the last few months!

I don’t remember why this came up for me, but it’s so resonating with the path I’m on. I know now what being bored means for me and I’m even more aware of what I need.

So, I’m not talking about being bored as if nothing happens in my life or that I never did fun stuff. It’s about being bored inside of me. Not being fulfilled.

I never realized that I was bored, but it’s a thing for the most part of my life. Because while I was thinking about it, I realized that being bored goes way back in time till elementary school.

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Reflecting back I think that when I grew up I always filled my life with taking care of others, achieving good results and other stuff, just to not feel bored and lazy. Living my life like that resulted in having a lot of stress, not knowing who I was and not doing what I deep inside needed and wanted to do. I wasn’t even aware of all this!

We, as human, often do things because we think that’s how it should be or because other people do it that way. We follow the structure other people set up and often we don’t even think of that choices can be made differently. As a result, we actually ignore ourselves and what we actually want or need deep down.

So did I. The bottom line is that there was a hole inside of me which never was filled whatever I did. I was not feeling full filled, I was not energized and I was not happy.

I think there are a lot of people out there in de world who can relate to this.

What I need is challenge! Challenge, space for creativity and I need to dive deep with interesting people, because that’s what excites me and lights me up.

This insight was missing without knowing it was missing. I feel so much more free and lighter. My creativity is flowing and better yet, my ‘boredom’ is now a signal for me. How awesome is that?! I can recognize the feeling and take action on it

So, how about you… Are you doing what you really want to do? Are you living your dream? Are you feeling full filled and excited?

If not. Let’s have a conversation, and figure out what needs to be changed for you! 😉

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