I see you.

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Those three words are so important. For all of us. We as human want to be seen. Really seen. Seen and heard for who we really are and what we are capable of.

For most part of my life I didn’t feel seen and heard. But also for most part of my life, I wasn’t aware of that. I wasn’t aware of that I was hungry for being seen and heard, and I wasn’t aware of what I was missing. So, I kept myself small and as invisible as possible.

But deep inside of me, there was a powerful voice and a big vision.

Now, fast forward, I’m not keeping myself small anymore. I create and live towards my big vision, I want to share my powerful voice and mission with the world and I play big.

There are lots of people who probably think I’m weird and crazy. There are also lots of people who don’t understand me and don’t know what to think of me. They have no clue of who I am and what I do, but they’re afraid to figure out and ask.

There are also people who believe in me. People who see and hear me, support me and also challenge me. I have people in my circle who see me for who I am, how powerful I am and where I’m capable of. Far beyond of how I see myself.

And that’s the thing. When someone really sees you and believes in you, you don’t have to hide anymore and you can stop keeping yourself small. That person can see you without getting distracted by your limiting beliefs, the stories in your head and your holding backs.

Whatever your vision is right now, have someone in your circle who sees you and believes in you, and share a new bigger vision. Because that person can hold you responsible for not holding back and think bigger than big.

I am not holding back anymore, and when I tend to do… I have my people who believe in me, see and hear me and also encourage me to play big. Because they know I can.

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My clients feel seen and heard. I want them to know that I really see them for who they are. I create space for vulnerability, to say everything what’s need to be said. And I always see my clients bigger and more powerful than they see themselves. I ask questions to create big insights and show them how powerful they really are.

It’s vulnerable to share your big vision, to stand out and share your mission with the world. And there will always be people who don’t understand you or judge you for what they see from the outside. Focus on the people who see you. They’re gold.

Do you have someone who really sees and hears you? If not, let’s have a conversation and talk about your vision and your story.

I see you and I hear you. And I know you can do more, be more and feel more.

Without a doubt.

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