Emotional Power

Maximize your true potential by understanding your emotions.

Start owning your emotions and use them to your advantage in this 31-day program.

Is this you?

You want to have a better understanding of yourself and others.

You’re tired, stressed or overwhelmed.

You want to get good at dealing with hard or uncomfortable situations.

When you react out of emotions, you’re not living into your full potential.

Our emotions are a big part of what makes us human, but either we allow them to overcome us or we ignore them. 

Sometimes we think emotions get in our way or we don’t know how to deal with what we’re feeling.

But how do you live in the now and keep taking action when your emotions are all over the place? 

Do you get in your own way when it comes to achieving what you want?

Is it difficult to communicate with empathy when you’re dealing with your own stuff?

Maybe you’re ready to stop holding yourself back and start playing on another level, but you’re not sure how or where to start. 

I get it. And it all starts with becoming aware. 

So, let’s get started right NOW and gain the power you need. 

What if you could reprogram your emotions to start living up to what you can be?

High Level Emotional Power

In High Level Emotional Power, you’ll learn what emotions are and why it is so important to be aware of them. You’ll learn why you do what you do and what’s behind the emotions you’re experiencing. 

Each day, you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself and others. 

Every emotion has a purpose. When you’re aware of your emotions and learn to understand them, you also learn how to deal with them. 

I believe we all have had situations in which we reacted in a certain way and regretted it later because it was a reaction out of emotion. 

What’s really important to know is that you are not your emotions. When you truly understand this, you can learn to take action without being influenced by your emotions. 

It’s about taking full control of your emotions instead of emotions having control over you. 

You’ll also learn WHY it’s important to not FIGHT your emotions or push them away but allow them to be there. Both pleasant and unpleasant emotions. 

You always have a choice. Whatever happens to you, you can choose how you deal with it. 

Use your emotions to your advantage.

Understanding myself and my emotions has helped me grow and transform over and over again. In my personal life, in my business and my relationships. 

In this program I’ll take you on a journey, and I will share a lot of my own examples and experiences to really help you grow in emotional power.

Become better in every conversation you will have, in your decision making and dealing with hard or uncomfortable situations. 

We all have ALL emotions. Understanding them will give you emotional power.

What if you could change your whole world by learning more about your emotions and how you deal with them?

For 31 days, you’re invited to join High Level Emotional Power so you can:

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High Level Emotional Power will run for 31 days. Kick-off is March 1.  You can do this program on your own time, when it suits you best. Join the live Q&A sessions or watch the replays.

The investment is $879 USD.

This is how others have experienced High Level Emotional Power

Because of joining High Level Emotional Power I feel powerful. I know how to deal with my emotions because I understand them much better. Sanne’s calmness, clarity and openness has helped me to become a strong woman. I know now that behind my emotions are a need, which I should listen better to. Understanding yourself and being aware of what you feel and need is what Sanne helped me with. Sanne is a powerful woman whom I learn a lot from over and over again. Thank you Sanne for helping me grow. You created the space for me to always be myself and it felt amazing to work with you!
Maria Filius
It has always been difficult for me to deal with my emotions. Especially because I’m a highly sensitive person. As a result, I always ran away from emotions. I’ve known Sanne for years and she has helped me so much in various areas already. I trust her and I’m so glad I joined High Level Emotional Power. The insights, sharing experiences and becoming aware has given me so much more confidence to allow my emotions. To let them be and even to see what is behind my emotions. I definitely recommend joining High Level Emotional Power when you don’t want to let your emotions control you.
Suzanne Bruggeman

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If you want more of anything in your life, High Level Emotional Power is for you. 

Let’s change your life, business and relationships!

About Sanne Marcusse

It’s my mission to make the impossible possible. To make dreams come true. I’m a leadership expert who helps driven individuals to reach their next level of success in life and business.  Once you take ownership of yourself and become the leader of your own life, you are able to create what you really want.

As a high-achiever and later also as the mother mother of two daughters, I struggled a lot with stress, being burned-out and not taking care of myself.  I invested in personal development and worked with the best coaches to reinvent myself to the powerful woman that I really want to be. 

I created the impossible for myself more than once, and it’s what I wish for you too. There is always way more possible than we think! The challenge which lies in there, drives me to continue to grow to the next level over and over again.

Because of the calmness and power I feel right now, I can take the right steps to take myself and my clients to a higher level.

So, are you ready to create the life and business YOU want?

It’s all about creating the life and business you want, on YOUR TERMS.

Create a big vision and discover what you really want deep inside. Experience freedom to do what you want and to grow and becoming the person you need to be to take your life and business to the next level.

But you’re not doing it alone. You’re doing it along with people who get you. You’re doing it by experiencing powerful coaching and guidance.

‘The greatest strength I have in myself’ is my definition for emotional power. In High Level Emotional Power I’ve learned to have and keep control over my emotions. To not fill in what others think or feel and let that have control over me. To say ‘no’ and set my own boundaries. Sanne has supported and challenged me and the others in being self-reflective and increasing self-awareness. She treated my insights with respect, but also challenged me to take groundbreaking actions. A must for everyone who wants to get closer to themselves and is not afraid to break through stuck patterns.
Henny van Gelderen
For a long time I was not myself. I sidelined myself with the result of feeling lifeless. In High Level Emotional PowerI I learned to recognize my emotions which made me able to initiate powerful actions and return into my own strength. Sanne knows how to analyze your personal situation well, after which she can be brutally honest with you. This can be confronting, but is necessary to take yourself to the next level. I’m very grateful that I was able to be in this program with Sanne. I can take the lessons I have learned with me all my life. Sanne, thank you!
Sander Linthorst