High-level Coaching

High-level Coaching

Create powerfully. 
Are you ready for more impact, more freedom and your big vision?

Is this you?

You want more and
know that more is possible.

You want to dream and think big.

You go all-in to make your
dreams come true.

You are willing to take
uncomfortable steps.

You are willing to
invest in yourself

You go for more freedom in
your life and business.

Yes, I am a high achiever who wants more!

Okay, let's go all in!

Knowledge isn’t power. Applying knowledge is power. 

I don’t tell you WHAT to do, but I help you to create yourself as the person WHO you need to be.

You see, there are 3 levels of knowledge:

1) Being aware of your own knowledge

2) Being aware of the missing knowledge

3) Not being aware of the knowledge you’re missing; blind spots

It are mostly blind spots that stand in between my clients and a better quality of life. A thriving business without burning out. Taking good care of health and high-quality relationships.

High-level coaching

With high-level coaching we work on your personal development and personal leadership. We create a solid foundation, because that is what’s needed for whatever you want to achieve. Everything starts with who you are. 

When you discover your greatest power and create a big vision, you can determine what your next step will be and what is holding you back from taking those steps. 

A plan to make your big vision happen. Your next level of success. 

Big vision

Create a big vision for your life, career and/or business. Discover what you really want deep inside.

More freedom

Freedom to do what you want and to grow. Freedom in your head, your life and your business.

Exponential growth

Become the person you need to be to take your life and business to the next level.

Sanne knows exactly what to call out that I am trying to hide or postpone. Exactly the things I need in order to grow or move forward. Thanks to Sanne I suddenly made those steps and I just started doing it. Out of the comfort zone, and into the big world! It’s super exciting and I am so grateful that I did this thanks to Sanne. And I will do so much more.
Johanna Eindhoven
Owner Yoann
The coaching has brought me a lot. For a long time I didn't know exactly where I wanted to go and what really made me happy as a person. As a result, I often had issues on a personal level. The sessions gave me a lot of clarity and I discovered that certain patterns often came back. Through awareness, beautiful insights and the right tools, I started taking action and came closer to myself. In addition, I have added more structure to my planning, which makes me feel better as an entrepreneur and get more done. Thank you, Sanne. You’re awesome!
Yvonne van Haastregt
Orthomolecular Therapist & Dietitian at Fitfoodhealth

Exponential growth | In life and business

You want to get more out of yourself and your business, but you don’t know how to proceed. You are focused on growth and you want to use your full, but you feel stuck. 

And if you do something, it must be done perfectly; so you put it off. For many entrepreneurs this is recognizable, but not irreversible. Change the game.

Everything starts with who you are and what’s holding you back from being able to go full in. By working on your personal development and growth, your business grows with you. Your business can not reach maximum growth without you working on yourself. What you need is a solid foundation, and that foundation is you. 

Work on who you are and what skills you need to move forward. Create structure, overview and focus and take directly your business to a higher level as a result. 

Big vision | Dream, think and do bigger

By asking the right questions and having someone who sees you bigger than you see yourself, you discover what you really want deep inside. You create a big clear vision for your life, career and/ or business. With no limits.

By learning to dream and think bigger you are able to do bigger. You are not keeping yourself small and you make the impossible possible. Set and achieve clear and ambitious goals! 

This does not mean that you also have to do everything with big steps and ‘massive action’. Often it are the baby steps that make big shifts happen in your life and business. That’s the power. 

But you don’t create those big shifts by keeping yourself small and thinking small. 

More freedom | Less stress, more time

Discovering your greatest power and using it in the right way gives a lot of freedom. When you start living and creating from your greatest power, everything is possible. Use your full potential. 

It’s not only possible, but it will also feel as if it comes naturally, because it comes purely from you. It is who you are. This not only gives you a feeling of freedom, but it will also literally give you less stress and more time. 

Create from who you are and from what you really want, with space and overview. Doing the things that really matter, what lights you up and fully connect with your vision. Without always being overwhelmed and experiencing stress. Taking good care of yourself and doing what gives you energy instead of what drains you energy. More satisfaction and more results. 

Freedom to do what you want and to grow. Freedom in your head, your life and your business. 

The power of insight

My greatest power is listening, and asking the right questions. Listening on a deeper level through which I can see and hear the things that you do not see yourself. Things that you are not aware of, but are holding you back from where you want to go. 

By asking the right questions you get the insights you need in order to move forward and grow. Discover what you really want and who you really want to be. 

I coach around insights, because one single insight can be life changing. Insights are game changers with an enormous amount of value. They come from within you, which makes that YOU know what to do and so YOU grow in what you want to create. 

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Grow yourself and your business without stress and limitations? 

Sanne has let me realize where I really stand for. She is straightforward and holds up a mirror to you that sometimes can be quite confronting, but is exactly what you need. She can lead you very well and let you look at yourself and the situation in a different way. I have become more confident and powerful, and my business has grown enormously. By the space we have created and by increasing my prices, I can do what I really want and deliver the quality that I stand for. Sanne shows you that you can do more than you think, that you can dream bigger and that everything is possible. Without her I would not have been where I am now. Helping people and showing them their strengths, is your power and I really appreciate that. You are an interesting woman and you know what you are talking about. You're one of a kind, thank you!
Anne-Marie Lorier
Personal training, Nutrition & Coaching at Fithealthiek
I often have hundreds of ideas, but most of the time I label half of them with "not possible" because I think I can’t do that (yet). I want to do everything perfectly and I can be insecure about certain steps, so I postpone things. Sanne holds up a confronting mirror to me, which helps me gain insight into where I'm holding myself back. Sanne is warm, professional and direct, but not blunt. She is "straight to the point", full of ideas, can listen extremely well and give you exactly what you need. I have become much more confident in my business and I am taking steps that seemed impossible six months ago. What always stays with me is Sanne’s honesty and clarity.
Maria Filius
Personal Stylist at MF Personal Styling


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