Give yourself time.

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Give yourself time | blog | Sanne Marcusse

Sometimes there’s a lot going on and we need to give ourselves some time to process all that. This can be in our personal lives, business, family or you name it…

We live in a world that never stops and we’re surrounded with rush and pressure.

But we are not machines, we are human.

And as human it’s okay to take some time when we need it. Even if the world tells us differently.

Especially after impactful life events, huge insights and family things, we need to have some space to breath and just be.

I was at the Rich Litvin Intensive in San Diego recently, which is always intense… It’s a transformational event with a lot of huge insights, internal shifts, deep connections and new ideas.

By experience I know now that I need some time after such events. Time to recover, take enough rest and let everything land and sink in. And also time to think about what all those insights and other things mean for me in my life and business right now. What can I implement? What can I let go? How do I show up? What do I want?

It’s okay to find a way in processing your own growth and insights. There’s no rush and no pressure. And for me personal, it really helps to allow myself to take some time. It gives me even more space in my head, which makes me able to create more.

‘Slow down to speed up!’ – Rich Litvin

What also comes really often with huge insights and growth, are new ideas. A lot of exiting new ideas! And it’s attractive to take direct action on all those ideas, but sometimes it’s the right thing to wait one or two weeks and let it sink in. Just wait and see if after those weeks your ideas are still the things you want to do. Especially with big decisions or life changing choices.

I’m not trying to hold you back from taking action and implementing things. Because sometimes it is the right way to take direct action and do something with our insights. It’s finding a way for yourself in this and learning by doing and failure.

Figure out what you need in your situation. Don’t get in your own way and hold back or procrastinate when you don’t need to. Reflect and be honest with yourself. Then decide what it is you need. Action or some time to process. It can be a fine line between them…

Do you know when to give yourself some time? Or are you not sure about that?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and perspective!

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