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Sanne Marcusse

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You know where people get stuck? In their heads. 

No wonder actually, because that’s where we keep all our stories and information! True or not true, we all have a lot of stories. 

When we keep that all in our heads, things can get very messy and unclear. It’s going to live a life by itself in our heads which makes us feel lost, stuck or overwhelmed because we don’t have an overview. At some point, nothing makes sense anymore.

Plus there’s a lot of noise because of the stories that are not true. 

So, a lot is going on there. 

But once you get out of your head, a whole new world and perspective can come to life! 

When everything is in our heads we don’t have a clue of what’s all in there at some point. And it’s always way more than we think! 

Two powerful ways to get out of your head: 

  1. Write. 

Sit down and write. Write whatever comes up without thinking of something special. Just write EVERYTHING that comes up. No filter. 

  1. Speak. 

Talk to someone you trust. Talk to your phone in a voice message. Speak literally EVERYTHING into the world. No filter. The goal is to get everything out of your head. 

By doing that, you’ll realize what’s actually all going on inside of you. You will see how much and what is all playing part of how you feel and what you do. 

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You’ll realize it’s no wonder that you felt stuck or overwhelmed! Sooooo much stuff going on in our heads! 

But you know what?

The more you let out, the more it tells you, the more you can create. 

When we let out whatever is in our heads, we can often feel very messy. Like nothing actually makes sense because it’s all blurrrr that comes out. 

That’s not true at all. Most of the time there’s actually soooo much gold in there! 

I let my clients share everything with me. EVERYTHING. I don’t care what they share or what’s on their minds, I encourage them to share it all. 

It’s something I repeat very often to remind them, because they tend to keep it all in their heads. 😉 But when they do, they feel so relieved. 

What I often hear is ‘I don’t know if this all makes sense but this is what came up…’ or ‘I have no idea what I just told you all but I just kept talking…’ It can feel very messy. 

But it’s all PERFECT!

Because in those messages is the freaking GOLD! 

You get to know what’s really going on for you, what’s holding you back or what’s a pattern that you’ve fallen back into. Or what you actually REALLY want. 

When I hear those messages, I always pick out the things they need to hear back because it’s powerful or something to work on. This is also the reason why I let my clients write a reflection every month. It always gains insight! 

So get out of your head if you don’t want to feel stuck or overwhelmed. There’s gold inside of you, way more than you think. 

Feeling messy when writing it down or speaking it out loud? Remember this:

Messy = Perfect. 

Wondering if you do even make sense? 

Yes, you do. I promise.

If you need some help to get out of your head and find your GOLD

Leave me a message and let’s have a conversation. 

Share with me what’s going on for you and I’ll give you a powerful reflection back. 

Important note: I don’t reflect back what you want to hear. I reflect back what you need to hear.

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