From the moment you say YES, everything shifts.

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

From the moment you say YES, everything shifts | Blog | Sanne Marcusse

I just love how your whole world can shift by saying YES to what’s right for you… It’s so simple but yet so profound. I experienced this myself multiple times and I’ve also seen it with my clients.

Let me explain this because the word yes isn’t a magic word off course, but it’s the powerful decision behind saying yes which brings the magic. 

I’ve stand on several crossroads the last few years which could have been life changing for me. I say could, because it depends on the decision I’ve made.

It turned out that those crossings changed my whole life and business because of saying YES to the direction I wanted to go. For me, yes means being full-in without holding back, even if it’s uncomfortable and new. 

One example is the decision I made a few months ago to invest in myself and starting to work with a coach again. I knew and felt that I was ready to step into my next level, but I had no idea how that exactly was going to look like. I felt I needed guidance and help but I didn’t exactly know what or how. 

But from the moment I said YES, everything shifted. Before we even had our first session I already gained great insights, felt liberated and interesting things showed up for me. 

It’s because I literally stepped into opportunity and growth, new doors opened and new opportunities presented to me while the real work hadn’t even began. 

It’s what happens because of the decision to say yes and the change inside of me.

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It’s what I see with my clients as well. From the moment they know they are ready to say yes to working with me and invest in themselves, things shift. They gain insights, start to think differently, get opportunities and FEEL different. 

It opens a whole new world when you say yes to what you want and what is needed to get there. 

The thing is, you need to be ready. It doesn’t work when there’s doubt. You’ll know you’re ready when it’s time. It’s a feeling that nothing will stop you and you just know that saying yes is the right decision. 

You can not stand on a crossroad and decide to go left AND right. That’s literally impossible (unless you are a superhuman with special powers). 

You have to make a clear decision and be full-in. It can be scary and uncomfortable but when you know it’s the right decision, nothing will stop you. 

And that’s exactly when everything shifts. That’s where the magic happens. 

So, what’s the crossroad for you right now? 

Where do you want to step in and say yes to? 

If something comes to mind… Let me know! Love to hear from you.

And when you’re ready to step into growth and a big shift, leave me a message.

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