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I believe we all have doubts from time to time. At least I do. 

For a long time I thought having doubts was something negative. Something I didn’t want to have. It always felt uncomfortable and wrong to have doubts. 

Until this week. After a conversation with my friend Mike Harris, who showed me a complete different way to look at having doubts. 

He said to me: “If you don’t have doubts, you’re not playing big enough.” 

BOOM. Mic drop. 

That was exactly what I needed to hear. By only hearing this one sentence, my whole thinking about having doubts shifted. It suddenly became fun and interesting! 

I realized that I’m exactly where I need to be, and so are you. 

Because when you read this I know that you’re one of my people and my people are in for playing a big game. 

Having doubts is a recurring thing and it now makes complete sense for me. 

I’m constantly evolving, creating and letting go of the things I want and need to let go of. That isn’t always easy but it’s always the right thing to do. It means growth. And since I want to play big, growth is needed. 

The more I lean into only doing what feels good, the more I let go. The more space I create, the more edgy it can feel. That’s where doubt kicks in. 

‘Am I doing the right thing?’

‘Is what I’m doing right now going to bring me what I want?’

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My brain starts asking questions nobody can answer. Because the only right thing to do is to do what feels good to me and keep moving forward. No matter how that looks like. 

The only thing I need to do when doubt kicks in, is to remind myself that it’s part of the BIG game I’m playing. It still feels uncomfortable to have doubts, but now I consider that as a good thing. 

It’s a sign that I’m still playing the big game I want to play. 

And it’s the same sign for you. It’s okay to have doubts. 

Remind yourself of that and keep going. 

Plus, keep sharing! That is something that really helps for me too. Share what’s going on for you, share your doubts, share your thoughts…

If you feel I’m the right person for you to share things with, let me know.

I’d love to hear the game you’re playing and where you’re up to!

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