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A lot of people think they are not a disciplined person. Or they think they are not disciplined enough to do certain things. 

But let me tell you something; nobody is born as a disciplined baby.

Discipline is not something you have or don’t have. It’s about how you see yourself, how you create yourself and how you show up. 

You literally can create yourself as a disciplined person if you decide that you are a disciplined person. It’s about making the decision, showing up from that place and doing the things you need to do. 

What would a disciplined person do? 

It’s like building a muscle. Creating yourself over and over again as a disciplined person is training yourself in being disciplined. The more you train, the easier it gets to see yourself as a disciplined person with the actions which follow. 

Did you ever want something but told yourself that you were not disciplined enough to do so? If yes, don’t ever think or say that again. Instead, ask yourself if you really want it and if it’s that much worth that you’re willing to create yourself as the person you need to be to do so. 

I see myself as a very disciplined person and I’ve created myself like that from a young age. But I still work on building that muscle and I always remind myself that there is a reward of being disciplined. 

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I’ll give you an example. During this COVID-19 period I wasn’t able to go to the gym like I normally did 5 times a week. I switched to training at home, but I noticed that I found it way harder to stick to my routine and do my trainings. I didn’t want to give up on training because there’s a reason for why I train, so I kept going. From time to time with a lot of struggle, but I’m so happy I kept doing it.

The years of training before and the discipline that I have created around that, really helped me in this. I’ve created myself as the disciplined person which I needed to be to get this going. 

The reward is that I feel so much better. When I train, I have more energy, I feel happier, I can clear my head and I get a lot of inspiration for what I want to do and create. Besides that, training gives me a strong and fit body which I find very important. 

Whatever you want to do or create, don’t ever hide behind the lack of discipline. You want something bad enough or not. If you do, you can create yourself as the person who does. 

Believe me. 

How do you see yourself?

Did you ever told yourself that you are not a disciplined person? 

I’d love to have a conversation with you about it.

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