Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

We as human are constantly making decisions. All day long, every day. Often we are not even aware of it because we are doing it so natural.

But still, we often don’t make enough clear decisions. There is a lot going on in our heads where needs to be decided about. 

A great leader can make decisions in the heat of the moment and is non attached to the outcome. Whether it was the ‘right’ decision or not, that leader goes from there to move forward.

A few years ago when I was working with a coach, she said to me: “you need to make more decisions.” At first, I didn’t get her point, but she was right. 

I was feeling overwhelmed and experienced a lot of stress. I had too much going on in my head to make decisions. To decide what I was going to do in the moment, I had to be clear to myself what I really needed and wanted.

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Over and over again I went back to making a clear decision when I felt stressed.

‘What can I do right now?’

Then I decided and I only did that.

It was a skill I needed to train.

When you don’t make clear decisions, things will get stuck in your head which makes it even more complicated. 

I was always in my head. Thinking and thinking about everything. Afraid of making the wrong decisions, about the smallest things. I was the person who would rather ask others to make a decision than doing it myself. Even about the colour of a t-shirt I wanted to buy. 

I didn’t take ownership at all and I was stuck in my head. And when you’re stuck in your head, you can not make decisions at all. Doubt kicks in and it only gets harder that way. 

We need space to be able to think clear.

I was indecisive and I worked hard to turn that around. 

What I learned is to take ownership, make decisions in the moment and not think too much. I’m not attached to the outcome and less afraid to fail. Whatever the outcome is, I can make new decisions over and over again. It has no point to always keep thinking and thinking about what’s right. It’s about doing and finding out what or where it will bring me.

It’s also about keeping it simple. It’s one or the other and nothing more. I’ll just go.

Making no decision at all is always worse than making the ‘wrong’ decision. It brings you nothing but stress and uncertainty.

Making decisions gives space and freedom. It’s actually enlightening.

What’s a decision you need to make? 

Do it.


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