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It takes courage to create the life you want. It takes courage to do things you never did before. It takes courage to make big decisions. It takes courage to say what needs to be said. And it takes courage to be yourself.

Many things in life, and especially in a life of a high- performer, takes courage. Because when we want to grow, learn and explore more, we have to do things we never did before.

And we also have to do things we don’t know up front if we are capable of.

If you keep on doing what you always have done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

But courage and doing something courageous can mean something totally different for every person.

I’ll give you an example of myself. For me it’s very natural to always push through, don’t complain and just do what needs to be done. Even if I feel sick or very tired, I just get shit done. I know that has always been my pattern and a ‘weak’ point for me. But now I am aware of that, I make other decisions, take myself seriously and listen to my body more and more.

To give you some background for what’s coming; I train in the gym, lifting weights, five times a week. And I don’t skip sessions. I just don’t. Only when I have literally no choice.

So, somewhere like a month ago I was feeling tired, sore and recovering from a session with my chiropractor but I had a training scheduled that day. It wasn’t a good idea to train at all, but I know I could push myself and just do it.

Being aware of my own thoughts, I thought about courage and I asked myself this question:Is it courage to just do my training and push my body when it’s already sore and exhausted? Or is it courage to take care of my body and take some extra rest to recover?

Well, I think the answer is clear. I took a rest day. And it was uncomfortable but I felt strong by making this decision and take care of myself.

It takes courage to do things different than you always have done.

Because we all have patterns and things we are stuck in. And we are not always aware of that.

Maybe speaking up and ‘raise your hand before you’re ready’ is a courageous action for someone who is mostly quiet and in the background. But being quiet and just listen can be a courageous action for someone who is always in the front and ready to speak.

It’s interesting to think about your own life and you own patterns.

What takes courages for you? In your personal life, at work or in your business?

And what courageous step are you going to take in order to break a pattern?

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