Cookie statement

Cookie Statement

Sanne Marcusse uses various types of cookies when offering services and products on the Website. A cookie is a small text file that, when you visit the Website, is placed on the hard drive of your computer. A cookie contains data that allows you to be recognized as a visitor every time you visit the Website.

Functional cookies

Sanne Marcusse uses functional cookies that are required for the Website to function properly. These cookies are placed by default and will not be deleted if you do not accept the cookies. Functional cookies ensure that you can remain logged in during your visit to the website. For example, your data will be remembered after you have filled in a contact form on the website.


Analytical cookies

Sanne Marcusse also uses cookies for web analysis service (such as Google Analytics). These cookies allow Sanne Marcusse to view visits to the Website through information about visitor numbers, popular pages and topics. This way, Sanne Marcusse is able to tailor communication and information provision better to the needs of website visitors. Read here about Google’s privacy policy: and about the specific privacy policy of Google Analytics:    

The information that Google collects is anonymized as much as possible. Your IP address is explicitly not included. The information obtained is transferred to and stored by Google on its servers in the United States. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is legally required to do so, or insofar as these third parties process information on Google’s behalf. Sanne Marcusse has no influence on this. Sanne Marcusse has not given Google permission to use the information obtained through Sanne Marcusse for any other Google services.

Google states it adheres to the Privacy Shield principles and is affiliated with the Privacy Shield program of the US Department of Commerce. This program means that an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data is guaranteed by Google.


Cookies for social media

Lastly, the Website uses cookies from social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The latter cookies only apply if you use the relevant service and make it possible to link or tweet messages. They also recognize you when you are logged in to that social network. For more information about the data that social media companies collect, I refer to the privacy statement of these companies. Please note these can change regularly. 

Cookies to display advertisements on other websites

Sanne Marcusse uses online advertisements to promote her services. This is preferably as focused as possible, to keep costs down and not to show you unnecessary advertisements. These cookies make it possible to:

  • Keep track of which advertisements you’ve already seen. This will prevent you from   seeing the same ads too often.
  • Track how many visitors click on ads.
  • Track how many visitors purchase a service from after they have clicked on an   advertisement. This is necessary to be able to analyze the effectiveness of   advertisements.
  • Keep track of whether you have already purchased certain services from us. You   will then not see unnecessary advertisements.

Even if you do not accept cookies, you can still come across Sanne Marcusse advertisements online. This is because not all advertisements use cookies. Cookies do make it possible to show you more relevant advertisements and not show unnecessary advertisements.

For more information about what Facebook and LinkedIn do with stored data, for example, Sanne Marcusse refers you to Facebook’s Privacy Statement and to LinkedIn’s Privacy Statement. These can change regularly. Sanne Marcusse has not authorized Facebook and LinkedIn to use the information obtained for other services.

Disable or delete cookies

You can always disable cookies in your internet browser, without this having far-reaching consequences for the use of the Website. However, the consequence may be that certain parts of the Website are less or no longer accessible to you. In addition, you can also delete all information that was previously saved via the settings of your browser.



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