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Consistency is the key for success. You probably heard that one before. 

It’s true. In many ways.

When you want to learn or improve a skill, you need to practice. When you want to grow your business, you need to show up and take action. When you want to build your body, you need to train. When you want to be a great leader, you have to develop. 

With all of these examples you are not going to be successful if you only do it once. You have to do it consistently. 

It’s about making miles in whatever your process is. Creating a certain structure or routine to keep improving, learning and growing in what you do of what you want to achieve. 

It’s like building a muscle (sometimes literally, haha). Building a muscle takes time, effort and consistency. It won’t grow when you only train it once. It also won’t grow when you only train it once in a while. You have to train regularly and keep on challenging that muscle, otherwise it will stop growing.

When you train on a regular basis, you are able to create a habit. Habits make it easier to follow through and keep going. Which gives room for challenge as well. 

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Over a year ago I started to build my ‘writing muscle’. Writing was not easy for me, but I wanted to share my vision, insights and get my word out. I wanted to build a ‘body of work’ and get better in writing. 

My intention was to publish one article a week and I started writing. In the beginning, it took me a lot of time to write a little piece and I was always kind of worried if I would come up with a topic to write about. Because when I write something, I have to feel it. I don’t just write random stuff. 

Getting started and planning time to write every week, helped me to get better. The consistency helped me to get in the flow and not think too much about it. I come up with a lot of topics or insights to write about now, and I have tons of documents and notes everywhere. 

After a while it became easier to write and I kind of figured out my own style. It’s still not always easy for me to write. Some weeks it’s easier and better than others. But that’s okay. 

I’m building the muscle and I’m able to do that because of the consistency. When I look back years from now, I will have a body of work. I might be ashamed of what I wrote when I just started, but that doesn’t matter. 😉

It’s about doing it and doing it consistently to learn, grow and improve. 

In many ways in business it’s about consistency. Things don’t fall out of the air all the time. It’s putting in the work and keep on going. Not once, not random but consistent. 

That’s what will make you successful.

That’s what makes you able to create what you want. That’s what’s make you able to grow and achieve your goals. 

With in my case (but I think you probably can relate), a lot of ups and downs along the way.

Which muscle are you going to build? 

What do you need to start doing consistently? 

Start now. Don’t stop. 

You will thank yourself later. 

And me. 

Let me know your thoughts!

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