Change things up.

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Change things up. | blog | Sanne Marcusse

No new behavior will show up when you change things. Which is very interesting because that gives us the possibility to look at our current habits and patterns. Our default mode and blind spots.

When you want to grow in life and business it’s necessary to grow in who you are. It’s necessary to look in the mirror and face the things which are not serving you in order to grow. 

We are always busy running our lives and creating. But doing the things you always did, are not necessarily helping you in order to create everything you want. In order to grow it can be very effective to change things up sometimes! 

My husband and I are growing in our relationship, because our whole world shifted 4 months ago. For years, my husband came home from work around dinner almost every day and in the weekends he was off. 

This changed 4 months ago. Now, he has different shifts. His normal structure is that he’s two full weeks from home and one week off. You’ll understand, this has a huge impact on our lives, family life and relationship. After years of the same structure, everything changed. 

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But it was our own well-considered decision, so it was okay and without pressure. 

And I think it was needed. I think that everything happens for a reason and it’s no coincidence that this came on our path. 

Our lives changed, but our patterns didn’t. We were still the same person with the same habits. A lot of different things came up and I started noticing our patterns. I became more aware of my own needs, our family needs and our relationship. 

Some things were good, some were very hard and confronting. But by having conversations and really dive deep into this together, our relation became stronger and it gave us both the space to grow and learn. 

Sometimes you have to change things up to find out where you’re really at. Those changes don’t have to be big and you don’t have to turn your whole world upside down. 

Change something in your daily routine, try something new, take a look at your actions and change something in that, call a person you haven’t spoke in a long time, ask a different question to your partner, do something crazy. 

Do something different and notice what happens. How do you feel? What does this bring you, or not? What do you feel you need? Why do you like it, or not? 

Notice and reflect. Take a look at your default habits and patterns. Are they still serving you? 

If your world changes, everything can change. But it will only work out the way you like it if you do the work what’s needed. 

What are you going to change up? Or what did already changed in your world? 

Reflect on it. 😉 I’d love to hear your insights.

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