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Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Be a mess | blog | Sanne Marcusse

Yes, that’s my goal. Sounds fun, right?! Well, it is… 😉

Be a mess and lead from the power that will come from that. That’s how I want to show up and how I play full out in order to grown into my next level.

For me, this is not about ‘just go with the flow’ or ‘just create some mess and we’ll see what happens’. No, this is serious business.

Most of the time, when people would say you’re a mess, it’s not a compliment or a good thing. Because we as human don’t want to look like a mess. We want to look like we have all our shit together and we’re all good.

It doesn’t feel comfortable when we don’t know what’s coming or when we don’t know exactly what to do.

We like to have things figured out and to have a plan.

And if possible we also want guidelines, a step-by-step plan and the outcomes.

Letting all that stuff go and have trust in your own power can be a big uncomfortable challenge. For me it is, but I like challenges! 😉

When I speak for myself, I have grown a lot these last years. And when I look back it’s almost unbelievable and unreal. But I know that there’s still so much room for growth, because there’s always a next level to play on.

It’s amazing that I already came so far and while I’m curious and excited for more, there’s also fear. Fear of not knowing what’s next; I grew so much, how can it be even more? And how will that look like? And how am I going to do it?

Well, I decided to just show up and be a mess. It’s okay to not know. It’s okay to figure things out without knowing answers and outcomes. It’s okay to feel stupid and do stupid things. It’s okay to have conversations which we want to delete from our memory very soon. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to have moments without knowing what you’re doing.

By allowing myself to be a mess, I can play.

It gives me the space to play big. Because that’s what I want; PLAY BIG. 

So, I feel the fear and do it anyway.

And it’s funny because only by allowing myself to be a mess, I already created space for a lot of things which are going on right now. It feels uncomfortable sometimes and I have days that I feel like complete shit, but I also already had beautiful insights and amazing conversations…. I’ll keep on playing! And growing!

Being a mess is not about the mess you make. It’s about leaning into the edge of your comfortzone and leaning into the uncomfortable world of ‘not knowing’. Try and figure out new things, fail, learn and explore. It’s a being and a place to come from, and allowing yourself to grow from that as a person, as a leader and in your business.

What’s your goal in order to grow into your next level? Are you ready to create some mess?

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