The power of a written gift

The power of a written gift

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These cards were inspired by a transformational moment in my life. This moment occurred during a four-day leadership event where I, alongside a team of other high-impact coaches, were in preparation to lead a four-day coaching intensive for over hundred of coaches from around the world.

On the final day of the event, we typically celebrate together as a team. Our celebration involves good food, funny stories and the acknowledgement of each other’s growth during the four intense days we spent together. It’s always a very special time!

As we were planning our celebration, an idea occurred to me! An insight that could possibly transform the celebration in a way none of us had experienced before. I thought, it wouldn’t be a true celebratory experience without presents. But instead of the traditional gift-giving directed to another person, why not bring a gift from ourselves to ourselves?

I shared my insight with one of my team members as we were planning for our celebration party, and we agreed to make it happen. I gave everyone a small card with the following instructions:


“Write a message from yourself, to yourself. A message expressing what you want to celebrate yourself for.”

The power of a written gift
Once they wrote their messages, I collected the cards.

During our celebration ceremony, I handed out the cards at random, ensuring no one received their own card. One-by-one, we each read the messages aloud to the person who originally wrote them. Everyone had the chance to hear their message being read by someone else. Once read, the person returned the card to the original writer, as a gift.

I couldn’t foresee how this small shift in the gift-giving tradition would create such an impactful experience for us! We all desire to be told we’re amazing, that we matter, that we’re smarter and more meaningful than we think we are.

These little acknowledgments go a long way, especially on the days when our confidence and positivity is tested. This is a long lasting gift you can read again and again whenever you need. 

Through these cards, I wish you many days of small reminders of how phenomenal you truly are!

About me

I love giving gifts! There’s something fascinating about creating a gift for someone with thought and love: it’s fun and exciting!

Each of us has a beautiful gift inside waiting to be unleashed everyday. We are all so powerful, way more powerful than we think we are.

It’s my mission to give my gift to the world, so I can inspire others to do the same. Imagine if we all could acknowledge the unique gifts we carry and didn’t withhold them from the world.

As we tap into our gifts, the impossible becomes possible. I’ve created the seemingly impossible for myself more than once. I struggled with a lot of stress, burn-out, not taking care of my body and self-doubt.

As I activated my gifts, I’ve created a sense of calmness and the power to be me. I want to continue reaching my full potential to take myself higher again and again, because there is always a next level.

One of my gifts is to serve others by helping drive them to reach their next level in life and business, without sacrificing their health, relationships and family life. I help people identify and unleash their gifts powerfully! 

These cards are an easy tool to help you acknowledge and activate the gifts you have within you. It all starts with being kind to yourself. Write yourself a message, allow your powerful words to fill you up and see the gifts you haven’t yet seen.

And don’t forget to have fun doing it!
the power of a written gift


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