An ultimate feeling of freedom.

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

An ultimate feeling of freedom

It’s what I experienced this last weekend. My weekend was so simple, but it felt freaking amazing! 

Freedom can mean a lot of different things. It can mean something else for every person and every situation. There are a lot of ways and perspectives to look at it and experience it. For now, I want to talk about freedom in our minds and how simply one thing can take away that kind of freedom without us being aware of it.

Life goes by so fast, and I think there are barely days without ANY appointments or things to do. Because we can ALWAYS do something. To do lists never ends and we always have responsibilities in life.

I do have days without appointments and just space for what’s needed. But every day there are always other things to do for which I have to leave the house or ‘be ready’ for. Like picking up the kids from school, grocery shoppings, going to the gym etc. 

What I realized this weekend, is how much energy ONE small appointment or ‘to do’ takes. 

How small it is, it still needs energy and a certain level of awareness.

If you are at home all day but you know that you somewhere in that day need to leave the house for a small task, or you know that at the end of the day you need to call someone, it takes energy and space in your head. And I think more than we normally would realize. For me at least. 

This last weekend I had a day of totally NOTHING. I hadn’t to leave the house for anything! I had a ‘onesie day’ with my kids and we had nothing on the agenda. That kind of days I barely have, but that’s definitely going to change. We want more of this!

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WOW… What I felt during that day was amazing. I felt free (like really free in my mind), we had fun, we did what we wanted and ate homemade fries for dinner. It was an awesome day.

And because of all the freedom and space I experienced in my head, all new ideas came to me. I love new ideas, it gives me energy and excitement! 😉

The feeling from this kind of nothing is priceless.

It sounds so simple, but can you think of a day you hadn’t to do anything? Like NOTHING? Not even a super small thing? 

I think we all need more of this kind of freedom, not only me. It gives space to just be. How freeing sounds that… “You can just be.”

No pressure, no energy leaks, no ‘to do’s’, no expectations. 

Just be and do what you feel you want to. 

One small piece can take a lot of space and take away your ultimate feeling of freedom.

Do you remember the last time when you experienced an ultimate feeling of freedom? 

Ps. Read my article about space. We need it.

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