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Do what you say you’ll do. Otherwise, just shut up. 

Do whatever you want to do with that message. 😉

You know, I love people who know what it means to keep their word. If I say something or make an agreement with someone, I make sure I’ll keep that agreement. 

When it’s for some reason not possible, I will take ownership for that. I will let that person know in time, I will make sure that person gets what he/she needs or I share when I CAN do it. There will be no way that I let someone hang in an agreement that I can not fulfill. Otherwise I wouldn’t make the agreement in the first place. 

That’s the kind of people I want to work with. 

What you do and how you do things is your business, but I like to know where I stand. 

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So, instead of having random expectations or just wait whenever something’s going to happen or not, I’d rather make agreements.

Isn’t that the most clear way for everyone?

I mean, no one likes to ‘hang in there’ until someone finally is going to say something, respond, take action or whatever. 

You need to know where you stand and what to expect. 

And that’s basically for everything in life. Don’t say something that you’re not going to do anyway. Don’t bother others with all your crap and bullshit when it’s nothing more then some empty words.

There are enough people in the world who scream amazing quotes, ideas and dreams from the rooftops. There’s enough noise out there. 

But please, just do what you say you’ll do and otherwise shut up. 

And if you reaaaaaalllyyyyyy want to do something but you don’t know how…


In case you want my help, let’s have a conversation.

Leave me a DM. 

Ps. I dare you. I won’t bite and I won’t judge. 

What you get is me showing up and being present. Fully present for you.

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