Action over perfection

Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

Action over perfection | Blog | Sanne Marcusse

Taking action will create much more than taking no action at all. You don’t need to be a genius to get that point. Although you are a genius of course. 😉 

But before it comes to take action, there can be a whole process prior to that. I think that process can be skipped most of the time. Or at least a big part of that process. 

We are all so good in coming up with stuff we need to do first, or how to make our ideas perfect and complete. As long as we are focussing on doing things right, waiting until things are perfect (and the perfect circumstances) and doing things good enough, nothing will happen.

It’s a form of procrastinating. It creates nothing. It just makes it take even longer to take action, because we will always come up with more reasons and thoughts why it’s not good enough or the right time yet. 

You don’t need a perfect plan. You don’t need a perfect time. You don’t need the perfect circumstances. You don’t need the perfect set up. 

The only thing you need is to get over yourself and take action. 

I learned this multiple times now and it’s always true. 

A few weeks ago I started creating short videos. I was encouraged by Dave Hessels to do something with video and I decided to give it a shot. I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t have the perfect camera or set up. It was just me, my message and my phone. 

Geen alternatieve tekst opgegeven voor deze afbeelding

I took action and decided to see this as an experiment. 

The more videos I will make, the better they will be and the easier it gets. I can change things, improve things or even quit if I decide it’s just not for me anymore. 

Take action and go from there. Get the ball rolling.

You will always learn from the journey your are taking yourself on. 

Even if it doesn’t work out how you wanted it to be or even if you find out that it’s not the way to go for you. 

You wouldn’t have found that out if you didn’t take action. 

And! The journey of taking action can also lead you to new opportunities which you couldn’t even think of in the first place. 

Tell me. Which action are you going to take?

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