About Sanne Marcusse

About Sanne Marcusse

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It’s my mission to make the impossible possible. To make dreams come true.

I’m a leadership expert who helps driven individuals to reach their next level of success in life and business.
Once you take ownership of yourself and become the leader of your own life, you are able to create what you really want.

I created the impossible for myself more than once, and it’s what I wish for you too. There is always way more possible than we think! The challenge which lies in there, drives me to continue to grow to the next level over and over again.

There is no limit.

My story

What most people don’t know is that as a high-achiever and later also as the mother mother of two daughters, I struggled a lot with stress, being burned-out and not taking care of myself. 

My life was led by my perfectionism, from the fear of rejection. I was insecure, had low self-esteem and I did not know who I was at all. 

From the outside it looked like a ‘perfect picture’ and it seemed like I had everything in order, but the truth is that I was surviving for years. 

I also always had the feeling that I did not belong and that I was different. Where I first experienced that as something negative, I now see at it as my strength. 

The process that I have gone through, both physically and mentally, has brought me to where I am now as a woman, entrepreneur and mother. 

I invested in personal development and worked with the best coaches to reinvent myself to the powerful woman that I really want to be. 

A combination of stress management, personal leadership and taking care of myself, made me able to build a strong foundation and to create the life that I really want to live.

Your biggest struggles are
your biggest gifts

In retrospect, part of my stress came from boredom for me. I need challenge from inside out and space for creativity to feel really alive. But because I was actually surviving all my life, I didn’t do what I needed and wanted deep inside of me. I had no idea about that either. What I know now is that I need space and freedom to create and be who I really want to be. I kept myself small while I have a huge amount of ideas and I love thinking (and doing) big. No more playing small! 

Because of the calmness and power I feel right now, I can take the right steps to take myself and my clients to a higher level. Because there is always a next level.

Dream big, think big and do big. Making choices and dare to take uncomfortable steps. Looking at yourself with brutal honesty and being prepared to go full in, whatever that may look like. 

That is what I do and where I can help you with. Make the impossible possible. 

My struggles in life are my biggest gift. – We often teach what we most need to learn – That is exactly why I am now able to help others to do the same; create the life that you really want to live. Lift yourself and your business to a higher level on your terms. 

Through the conversations and guidance from Sanne, I discovered my pitfalls and got the tools to make clear agreements with myself. I have learned how valuable it is to stay close to myself, to make conscious choices and to guard my own boundaries. What I also learned is that you only have control over your own actions and that I can find my happiness and peace in them. Sanne asks critical questions, makes you think about what you really want and makes you very aware of your own actions. Thank you Sanne for all the insights and support you have given!
Mariliza Pauwels
I started the coaching with searching for more balance between my personal goals, work goals and sports ambitions. I struggled to find the right balance which gave me peace in my head. Sanne asked me the right questions and really held up a mirror. As a result, I was able to get to the core of my underlying beliefs and problems, that caused me to get stuck and not achieve my goals. Sanne helped me incredibly well and in the end, I am very proud of what I have achieved. I now know how to achieve my goals. Whatever you want to achieve, it’s possible!
Naomi Sonneveld
Deputy Resilience Officer & Advisor

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Sanne’s passion for helping women dream big is expressed in such a thoughtful, welcoming manner. When she asks me questions, they’re so simple, but they guide me exactly where I need to go. She makes me feel like the world is my oyster while pushing me to think further than I would on my own.
Alisa Manjarrez
Vision producer | Coach | Marketer at Alisa.coach
I had the pleasure of being invited to have a conversation with Sanne about organization of time in my growing business. She allowed space for me to explore what has been holding me back; guiding me, as we delved into the notion of getting back to basics, keeping things simple, and deciding the woman I want to be. After that conversation I focused more on connecting deeper with my clients and nurturing them more than I had been. Also, I've been listening more to my inner wisdom and following the energy of what fills me up and what drains me. I am so grateful to have had that experience with Sanne!
Shannon Emery
Psychosynthesis Guide & Polarity Therapist at Tree of Life Awakening