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Sanne Marcusse

Sanne Marcusse

A full day of creation | Blog | Sanne Marcusse

In order to be able to create and come up with amazing stuff, we need space. Space in our head and space in our agenda. Space allows us to play and be creative. 

About a year ago I wrote an article about why space is magic. Check that one. 😉 

I’m a creative person and I believe you are too. We need to create in order to feel good, challenge ourselves, serve others and really use the potential we have! 

First I always created when I had time left or when I had an idea popping up. Or I scheduled time to create but let something come in between. Creating didn’t come first nor it had a special place. 

That didn’t serve me at all because it made me feel stressed sometimes or disappointed because I knew I could create more stuff or do a better job in my creation, but I didn’t have the time and space to put in more effort. 

Once I realized how important creating is for me, I decided that I wanted to do it differently. 

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I decided that I wanted to have a FULL DAY of creating every week. Nothing else but creating. So for a while now, Tuesdays are my creation days. My agenda literally says ‘CREATE.’ on those days and I freaking love it! 

It changed my game. It changed my life AND my business. 

I can create whatever I want on those days. No rules.

Sometimes I create a bunch of stuff. Like I write articles and post or record videos… But sometimes I maybe only write one piece or work on an idea that I have. I always end up creating something! 

During the week I always have tons of ideas and insights to create something with or about. I write it all down and see where it goes when I have my creation day. I only do something with it when it resonates with me in the moment or when I have inspiration about a certain topic. I have to feel it to be able to create. 

Some Tuesdays I already know exactly what I’m going to do. But there are also Tuesdays that I don’t have any idea what I will be creating. Like today. Today is a Tuesday and I am creating this.

This morning I had no idea what I was going to do today. I was thinking of creating some videos and I wanted to write an article but I didn’t have anything in mind yet. 

I went to the gym (as always on Tuesdays), and made myself ready for the day afterwards. While I was curling my hair I started thinking about my creation days and that I could share something about that. So, here I am writing about it! I first thought of writing a short post but it became this article. 

You know, because I set the intention to create, I always come up with at least one thing. 

Actually, when I’m thinking of it now. Driving home from the gym I came up with a few ideas for short videos. So, besides this article I probably end up recording some videos as well! 😉 

The thing is, when you start creating your brain will come up with so much more. Wrote an article about that too, btw! 

And it’s not that I only create on Tuesdays, I also create during other days. When I come up with something I really want to create in that moment, I’ll do it. But only when there’s time and space for it and when I feel it. 

Space and the intention to create is what you need. Block time to create and let nothing come in between. 

Don’t put pressure on yourself about how much you want to create in a certain amount of time. Some days you will create a lot, some days not. That’s okay. Give yourself that space. 

Do you have time in your agenda right now to create? To only create? 

What if you would do that? 

Try it! 

And let me know how it’s working for you! 

Love to hear from you.

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