The 3 Steps To Creating The Life & Business You Want

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About Sanne Marcusse

It’s my mission to make the impossible possible. To make dreams come true.

I’m a leadership expert who helps driven individuals to reach their next level of success in life and business. 

Once you take ownership of yourself and become the leader of your own life, you are able to create what you really want.

As a high-achiever and later also as the mother mother of two daughters, I struggled a lot with stress, being burned-out and not taking care of myself. 

I invested in personal development and worked with the best coaches to reinvent myself to the powerful woman that I really want to be. 

I created the impossible for myself more than once, and it’s what I wish for you too. There is always way more possible than we think! The challenge which lies in there, drives me to continue to grow to the next level over and over again.

Because of the calmness and power I feel right now, I can take the right steps to take myself and my clients to a higher level.

So, are you ready to create the life and business YOU want?

"Sanne's passion for helping women dream big is expressed in such a thoughtful, welcoming manner. When she asks me questions, they're so simple, but they guide me exactly where I need to go. She makes me feel like the world is my oyster while pushing me to think further than I would on my own."
Alisa Manjarrez | Testimonial Sanne Marcusse
Alisa Manjarrez
Vision Producer at The Happy Cactus
"I knew I could get more out of my business and myself than I first did. Sanne challenges me to lean into the edge of my comfort zone, to keep on growing as a person and in my business. She gives practical tools and asks the right questions which lead to new insights and help me further. I am challenged and have taken steps within my business that I was procrastinating for months. I highly recommend working with Sanne! "
Rianne Temmermans- van Soest | Testimonial Sanne Marcusse
Rianne Temmermans
Photographer and Creative Strategist at Favori


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